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Adam Zapaśnik by the lake Salda in Turkey
Lake Salda, Turkey, 2019.

Hi! My name is Adam Zapaśnik.

I'm a fullstack software engineer (Ruby, Javascript, Elixir). I work remotely. I live in Warsaw, Poland and also spend a remarkable amount of time in Antalya, Turkey. I like reading books, traveling, building products and sharing knowledge with others. In emoji language: 💻🌴🇹🇷📖✈️🍺📚

Why did I become a fullstack software engineer?

At first I was interested in gamedev because I wanted to build indie video games. But then I heard a lot about poor work conditions present in the AAA video game studios and decided to move on to webdev.

It turned out to be a good decision, I like building web apps. Why? You can help people in so many different ways like automating boring stuff or making lives easier. You can build anything with the web tech, the options are endless. That's really cool.

Also, I can provide my services from home or even another country. 😄

Something more about myself?

I listened to music while programming.
I like brainstorming.
I like tinkering with tech.
I enjoy watching breakdance battles.
I'm a curious person. I get interested in a lot of things, but due to time constraints I can't pursue all of them.

Me in 5 years?

I would like to bootstrap a small family tech business. Why? Ask me in person😉